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Legalizing Marijuana: How North Country Reps Voted

By roughly a three-to-one margin North Country representatives voted against legalizing marijuana.

As NHPR’s Ryan Lessard reported the debate over HB 492 had those in favor of legalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana saying marijuana was no different than drinking alcohol.

And, those opposed said there were “negative health impacts.”

The vote Wednesday night was 170 in favor of legalizing marijuana and 162 against.

The bill is now before the Ways and Means Committee before returning to the House for a second vote.

“If it survives the second vote in the House, it moves to the Senate where it’s expected to face an uphill battle. And Governor Maggie Hassan has promised to veto it if it reaches her,” NHPR’s Lessard reported.

North County representatives who voted against legalizing marijuana were:

Brad Bailey, Monroe Republican

Rebecca Brown, Sugar Hill, Democrat

Ralph  Doolan, Littleton, Republican

Linda Lauer, Bath, Democrat

Linda Massimilla, Littleton Democrat

Larry Rappaport, Colebrook, Republican

Herb Richardson, Lancaster, Republican

Leon Rideout, Lancaster, Republican

Susan Ford, Easton, Democrat

William Hatch, Gorham, Democrat

North Country representatives who voted in favor of legalizing marijuana were:

Gary Coulombe, Berlin, Democrat

Wayne Moynihan, Dummer, Democrat

Robert Theberge,  Berlin, Democrat

North Country representatives who were excused from voting were:

Larry Enman, Errol,  Democrat

Marcia Hammon, Whitefield, Democrat

Yvonne Thomas, Berlin, Democrat

For information on other votes go here.

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