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North Country

N.H. Ski Areas React To Storm

Loon Mountain

With only 6 to 8 inches of fresh powder, most New Hampshire ski areas aren't exactly reeling from the storm.  But even a little snow can bring skiers to the mountains.

Greg Kwasnik, marketing director at Loon Mountain is expecting a surge of skiers.

Up here we didn't have such a huge impact that people had in Southern New Hampshire so I think a lot of people will shovel their driveways and then get up here. They might get here a little later than they anticipated but I think we'll see some strong business today.

Thomas Prindle, Wildcat & Attitash marketing director says the fresh snow is also luring holiday vacationers to stay right where they are.

We certainly anticipated right after the New Year's Day that this Thursday and Friday would be a lot slower but with the new snow what we're seeing a lot more visits and people just kind of extending their vacation right into the weekend. So we've seen the immediate impact of new snow like this.

Even with chilly temperatures forecast, Prindle says the cold is not something most ski areas worry about.

The big bad wolf in terms of skiing is always that 4 letter r word.

And we certainly aren't expecting any rain.

For NHPR, I'm SH