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North Country
News from everywhere *but* Central New Hampshire.

Black Hawk Rescues Heat Victim From 4,000 Footer

Warm weather over the weekend and climbing a 4,000 footer in the North Country was a bad combination for a Penacook man.

 NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

Early Sunday afternoon hiking companions of a 51-year-old man used a cell phone to call for help.

Lt. James Kneeland of Fish and Game said the problem was apparently heat related.

“Dehydration, heat stroke. Something along those lines to the point where he was losing, in and out of consciousness.”

Rescuers decided it would be best to have a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter lift Kerry Barnsley from the 4,000-foot summit.

The first Black Hawk developed an electrical problem and returned to Concord where the crew got another one and picked up Barnsley, a National Guard spokesman said.

He was flown to Littleton Regional Hospital.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen