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Top Stories: N.H. Roads: How We Got Here; One Decade Of The Free State Project

Sara Plourde

1. NH News: Video: N.H. Roads: How We Got Here

As lawmakers consider raising the state's gas tax, you may be wondering: are New Hampshire's roads getting worse? Why are they getting harder to pay for? And, does it really matter if we have a few more potholes? NHPR's newsroom answers those questions with a 3-minute animation.

2. The Exchange: One Decade Of The Free State Project

Ten years ago, New Hampshire was chosen by members of the libertarian minded group, the Free State Project, to move here en-masse and make change.  A decade later, they’ve had some influence, on state and local politics but have also faced criticism.

Dr Teng.jpg
Credit Anna Fischer

3. Word of Mouth: Cosplay In Wild Places

Since its name was first coined in 1984, cosplay has grown in popularity from a fringe convention pastime to a performance art form... Inspiring thriving real-world and social networks, and even competitions, like the World Cosplay Summit. Now, photographer Anna Fischer is looking to take the role playing subculture even further outside the convention-center walls of comic-con to a whole other level - the great outdoors.

Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

4. NH News: Liquid Cremation Process May Soon Be Legal In N.H. Again

A new form of cremation that proponents claim is more environmentally friendly may soon be legal in New Hampshire. It goes by many names including Resomation, Aquamation, bio cremation, and non-flame cremation. The scientific term is alkaline hydrolysis and it’s a process that uses a lye-like solution and hot water to liquefy human remains. But the jury is still out on whether the local funeral industry will adopt it.

5. Word of Mouth: Eating Trader Joes’ Trash: A Documentary About Dumpster Diving

Just about everybody who’s ever shopped at the grocery store has instinctively checked produce for bruising or blemishes, or put aside a can of soup because the can was dented… but there are many people willing to eat for free what paying customers will not – even if they have to dig through a dumpster to find it.

6. NH News: New London Police Chief Resigns, Lawsuit Still Possible

New London Police Chief David Seastrand resigned Thursday. Authorities say on March 6th , he told a Colby-Sawyer College student he would drop an underage drinking charge if she agreed to pose nude for photographs.

Credit Roger Wood, NHPR

7. NH News: Tanker Strikes Sarah Long Bridge In Portsmouth

The U.S. Coast Guard says an oil tanker has crashed into a bridge that links Maine and New Hampshire, but there's no sign of a spill and no reports of injuries.

8. Health: Knee And Hip Replacement Goes Robotic

Knee and hip replacement surgeries have become common-place in American operating rooms, with nearly half a million procedures performed each year. A growing number of those are now being done with the help of robots.

Charter Timeline.jpg
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / Data: Department of Education
Data: Department of Education

9. Education: Charter Schools Grow Despite Political Headwinds

Today the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a budget that doesn’t fund $2.5 million for new charter schools. If that policy stands it would be mean a de facto, two-year moratorium on charter schools. It’s a move that was met with surprise and confusion by charter school advocates. But to understand the decision takes knowing something about the long, political history of charter schools.

10. North Country: More Details On Balsams Renovation And A Step Forward

When the $30 million renovation of the Balsams Grand Resort is complete it will look a lot like the old grand hotel but will feature much-needed modern amenities making it far nicer for guests and a lot  cheaper to operate. That’s how Dan Hebert, one of the two owners, described the renovation before the Coos County Planning Board.

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