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Advocates for 'Marsy's Law' to Kickoff Campaign for N.H. Constitutional Amendment

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Governor Chris Sununu and a bipartisan group of legislators will officially kickoff the campaign for a new amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution at the State House on Tuesday.

The amendment, known as Marsy's Law, would require that victims be notified of all court proceedings involving their offender and would give them the right to be heard during things like sentencing hearings or plea deal negotiations.

Amanda Grady Sexton is with the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

“What this does is it gives voice to the victim in every proceeding that impacts them – a meaningful voice. The current statutory framework is not enforceable in the way that a constitutional right would be.”

To be added to the state constitution, the measure must get the approval of three-fifths of both chambers of the legislature, and two-thirds of voters during the November election.