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New Rules Will Mean Less Paperwork for People Renting Out Rooms on AirBnB


People who rent out their homes through AirBnb in New Hampshire will soon have less paperwork to deal with.

Lodging booked through AirBnb is subject to the state’s rooms & meals tax just like any hotel.

Up until now, anyone using AirBnB to rent out a room or other space in their home has had to do things hotel owners have to do – get a tax license, collect the right amount of tax from each rental, and then submit that to the state each month.

Beginning November 1st, all that will be handled by the AirBnb company - not homeowners.

Joseph Lafrano is with the Department of Revenue.

"They don’t have to be responsible for collecting the tax and filing the returns, it will be a lot less work for them. So I think it will be good for the department, it will be good for the homeowners, and it will be good for AirBnB as well.”

The new rules will only apply to AirBnB users, and not other sites like craigslist.

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