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N.H. DMV Now Offering Real ID Compliant Drivers Licenses


  New Hampshire was one of the first states to fight REAL ID and is among the last states to issue licenses and ID cards that meet the standards of the the Sept. 11th-inspired law.

Larry Crowe is with the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles.

"We are really encouraging everyone to just opt in if the choose to during the regular renewal time. The license in their pocket right now is going to take care of them until 2020."  

October 2020, to be specific. After that people without Real ID compliant licenses of ID cards will need a passport to get through airport security or enter federal buildings.

To get a REAL ID license or ID card will require an in-person visit to the DMV. People will need to present proof of identity, such as a social security card, a certified copy of a birth certificate or a passport. They will also need be proof of residency, like a driver's license or a utility or property tax bill.       

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