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Research: Majority of Granite Staters Support Paid Family Leave

New research says an overwhelming majority of New Hampshire residents support paid family leave and medical leave insurance.

The survey found 88 percent of women and 76 percent of men support a law establishing a paid family leave and medical leave insurance program in the state.

Kristin Smith is with the Carsey School of Public Policy, which conducted the study.

“This is the first research on this question, so it’s novel and it’s really exciting because we’re finding overwhelming support for paid family and medical leave insurance in New Hampshire.”

69 percent of respondents also said they would be willing to pay five dollars a week into such a program, which would provide some wage replacement for employees away on family leave.

The findings may have political implications as the state heads into an election season.

Paid family and medical leave policies have been gaining momentum around the country. In the past five years New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York have all passed such legislation.

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