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Former Phillips Exeter Academy Teacher Admits to Sexual Misconduct, Barred from Campus

Wikimedia Commons

Officials at Phillips Exeter Academy have acknowledged two cases of sexual misconduct by a celebrated former faculty member.

In a letter sent to alumni earlier this week, Phillips Exeter Principal Lisa MacFarlane said Richard Schubart, who taught history, has admitted to both cases of misconduct which occurred in the 70s and 80s.

MacFarlane says school administrators learned about the first of these incidents in 2011. School officials contacted local and state authorities and Schubart was forced to retire and was removed from campus housing.

Last year, when administrators learned about the second incident, Schubart was stripped of his status as emeritus faculty and permanently banned from campus.

Phillips Exeter did not make any of this public until this week after the Boston Globe, which had been contacted by the victims, began to make inquiries.

The governor’s husband Tom Hassan, who was Principal of Phillips Exeter at the time of the discoveries, said in a statement,“It is often a challenge to balance the privacy and wishes of the victim with the utmost need to protect the community. We sought that balance to the best of our ability at the time.”

Schubart taught at Phillips Exeter for nearly 40 years.