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No Website? No Facebook? No Big Deal For Market Basket


By all indications, Market Basket is surging after last summer’s unrest sparked by the firing of CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

The New England-based supermarket chain is projecting $4.8 billion in sales this year, up from $4 billion last year. And the company is expanding, with a new Market Basket under construction in Rochester.

But one unique aspect of the company is its complete lack of an online presence.

Market Basket doesn’t have an official website, though there is an unofficial site which reported 1.2 million unique visitors a month last summer.

Facebook? Twitter? Forget about it.

That sets it apart from competitors like Shaw's and Hannaford.

But don’t expect Market Basket's approach to change anytime soon.

“Our current philosophy is very effective,” Market Basket operations supervisor Joe Schmidt told NHPR this week. “We do most of our advertising through our flyer, which is very popular. Time will tell where the future brings us in terms of that type of visibility on the internet. But we seem to be doing fairly well with what we’re doing as far as advertising in that medium.” 

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