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House To Consider Bill Challenging N.H.'s 'Ballot Selfie' Law

NHPR Staff


The New Hampshire Legislature is revisiting the issue of ballot selfies.

The House Election Law Committee is hearing a bill Tuesday that would repeal a measure passed last year that bans taking a digital photograph of a marked ballot and sharing it via social media or other means.

Representative J.R. Hoell is the bill’s prime sponsor, and says it’s a First Amendment issue.

“People should be able to publish their ballot if they’re interested in publishing their ballot, provided they’ve already put it in the box,” he said. “This is after they’ve gotten out of the polling station and they want to show their friends what they did.”

The bill would remove the specific language about digital images and social media and would reduce the potential fine for violating the law from $1,000 to $10.

That law is being challenged by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union and several voters.

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