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House Committee Readies Budget Plan

The $11 billion budget the full House will vote on next week is likely to send $32 million less to hospitals for charity care than the Governor proposed.

USNH, meanwhile, would get $12 million less than the $55 million increase sought by Hassan.

The finance committee sprinkled smaller cuts -- like $2.5 million for more charter schools and $1.5 million to the state’s Veterans home  -- throughout its budget.  The committee's budget relies on about $115 million less in revenue than Hassan’s did. Much of that is due to lawmakers refusal to count on $80 million in casino license fees. Lawmakers also expect current taxes to raise about $35 million less than the Governor does.

The finance committee is expected to finalize its work Wednesday, after a House session where bills up for votes include a plan to increase the New Hampshire’s gas tax by 12 cents over the next three years.