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Dover Youth Work to Bust Myths about Teen Substance Use

Alli Fam / NHPR

  Members of the Dover youth advocacy group Youth to Youth  gathered this morning in Dover’s Henry Law Park, in an attempt to change public perception about teen substance use. 


They chanted “Monsters, aliens, just aren’t real. Most teens don’t drink, that’s the deal!” To accompany their words, students held signs, posters and and inflatable mythical creatures. 


Quinn Carberry, 11, was one of the speakers. She said she hopes that teens will veer away from substance use if they realize that not everyone else is doing it. 


“Drug use in teens is a myth, just as much as bigfoot,” Carberry said.


Members of the group cited statistics from a recent survey of Dover students. It found that four out of five teens don’t drink, and nine out of ten teens don’t use prescription drugs. 


Credit Alli Fam / NHPR
11-year-olds Quinn Carberry, Maxwell Crego, and Lily Garman explain the myth buster campaign.


Youth to Youth will continue spreading their message this week. Tomorrow they plan to record spots that will air on radio stations as the summer progresses.