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Keene Adds Transgender Protections to City Anti-Discrimination Policy

Wikimedia Commons

Keene joined ten other towns in the state Thursday by passing an anti-discrimination protection for transgender city employees. 

Keene City Council voted unanimously to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of factors in their city employee anti-discrimination policy.

Councilwoman Bettina Chadbourne was one of the co-signers on the resolution request. She says it was clear to her and her fellow council members that the transgender population was particularly vulnerable.

"Yeah, I just think that they should have the same protections as all human beings have under the law," says Chadbourne, "So that they’re protected against discrimination when it comes to housing and job opportunities and hate crimes."

As more towns sign on to resolutions like this, Chadbourne says, she’s hopeful it will send a message to the state legislature. The New Hampshire House tabled a transgender rights protection bill this year.

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