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Task Force on Seacoast Cancer Cluster Issues Recommendations

The governor’s task force investigating cancer clusters on the Seacoast issued a set of recommendations Wednesday.

The task force was charged with investigating potential causes for unusually high rates of two cancers among children living in a region of the Seacoast.

Today the task force issued a set of recommendations, including one to extend municipal water to homes near the Coakley Landfill – a superfund site that was investigated as a potential cause of the high cancer rates.

Stefany Shaheen is a member of the task force.

“We know there’s no immediate risk today to the private wells but we also know that there is a plume that could be migrating and we need to prevent any contamination to those wells.”

Another recommendation was that the work of the task force continue under governor-elect Chris Sununu’s administration. As a governor-appointed body, the task force is currently set to expire with Governor Maggie Hassan’s term.

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