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Triple E Detected For First Time This Year In N.H.

James Jordan
Flickr CC

Eastern Equine Encephalitis, also known as triple E, has been detected for the first time this year in New Hampshire. The Department of Health and Human Services found the disease, which can be fatal to humans, in a batch of mosquitos from Londonderry.

Eleven humans have contracted the disease in New Hampshire since 2005, though there have been no recorded cases since 2009.

Abigail Mathewson State Public Health Veternarian says the discovery marks the beginning of mosquito-borne illness season.

“In New Hampshire that translates to July through end of September maybe beginning of October, so we’re a little bit flexible with when we end our testing dates,” Mathewson says.

Triple E and West Nile Virus can occur in any part of the state, though the department of Health and Human Services says risk of contracting these diseases is low. Testing of mosquitos for the disease is only conducted in the southeast corner of the state, however, so that is where disease notifications pop up.

Last year, twenty-four mosquito batches and three animals tested positive for triple E.

DHHS recommends reducing contact with mosquitos by ensuring window screens are repaired, and by wearing long pants and sleeves.