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Critics Take Aim At Medicaid Expansion In New Hampshire

Conservative activists are warning lawmakers that an expansion of the state’s Medicaid program would lead to a fiscal crisis in New Hampshire.

Calling it wrong for New Hampshire, leaders of conservative groups, including Americans for Prosperity and Cornerstone Action, gathered in Concord to voice concern over a possible Medicaid expansion. They were joined by Republican Representative George Lambert, who says the federal government has a poor track record in meeting its funding commitments.

“The reality is, when the Government shows up, and says, ‘Hi, we have a solution for you to this problem, and we’re going to fund it,’ you should panic,” says Lambert.

Lambert calls an expansion of Medicaid benefits to roughly 50,000 more low income individuals a risk the state can’t afford.

After spending the summer studying the issue, state lawmakers will take up the expansion question in a special legislative session starting next Thursday.  

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