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Several Southern N.H. Towns Vote To Oppose Natural Gas Pipeline

Sam Evans-Brown

Many towns across the Southern border of the state took votes in opposition to a proposed natural gas pipeline that would be built through 17 towns.

At least 8 of those towns were considering Non-binding resolutions against the pipeline, which serve to signal to state energy regulators that residents don’t want a project come through their town. Others, like Ringe and Winchester opted to deny representatives of Pipeline Developer Kinder-Morgan the right to survey town property. 

In Mason, both of those measures have been adopted. “It could be poking the giant with a stick, but I’d like to think of it more as a death by a thousand cuts kind of thing,” said Charles Moser, chair of the Mason board of selectmen, in an interview prior to the vote.

The proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline would stretch 71 miles across southern New Hampshire: from Winchester to Pelham.

It has been pitched as a solution to natural gas pipeline constraints that led to spikes in gas and electricity prices in the past two winters, but which were largely avoided this year.

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