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House Lawmakers Hit Pause on Sweeping School Choice Bill

Jason Moon for NHPR
Today's hearing on SB193

Lawmakers in the House put the brakes on a sweeping school choice bill that would have allowed parents to use public money for private school and homeschool expenses.

The House Education Committee voted to retain the bill, which means it is effectively dead for the current session.

The controversial bill would have created a broad voucher system where parents could choose to send their kids to private school or homeschool, and pay for it with the help of public tax dollars.

But Rick Ladd, Republican Chair of the House Education Committee said the bill raised too many legal and financial questions to be dealt with in this session.

“There’s a lot of aspects to this bill, which I think we need to really drill down and be prepared when future bills, if future bills like this come down, and they will,” said Ladd.

Republicans on the committee said they hope to support a revised version of the bill next year.

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