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After Almost a Decade, Manchester Takes First Step Toward School Redistricting


The Manchester School Board has approved a new plan for how students will progress from one school to the next. It’s the first step in a broader school redistricting effort in the state’s largest city.

For nearly a decade, city officials in Manchester have been trying to overhaul the system that determines which kids go to which schools.

Last night, the School Board took its first step. It approved a change to the feeder pattern - which determines the path students follow as they move from elementary to middle to high school.

Richard Girard is a Manchester school board member who supported the change.

“It’s a big deal in as much as we’ve finally after all these years have taken a step. It’s a good deal in that it should improve communications between the schools. And it’s a relatively small deal because honestly there wasn’t a whole lot of heavy lifting here, it was pretty obvious it needed to be corrected.”

The bigger challenge, says Girard, will come when the school board votes to redraw district lines.

It could be several months before that happens, though. First, the city plans to hire a consultant to audit the school district’s use of space.

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