Writers on a New England Stage: Stephen King

Nov 28, 2011

Author Stephen King has written more than 50 worldwide best-sellers. More than 80 feature and television film adaptations have extended King’s reach far beyond the bestsellers list, earning him the title of “Master of Horror,” and establishing him as one of the most influential writers of our age.

Stephen King’s newest novel is 11-22-63. The book follows a teacher who travels through a mysterious portal into the past to try and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The novel takes readers through a rabbit hole into the diabolical and grotesque stirrings below the surface of America’s pastoral  landscape…and potrays Dallas in the early 1960’s as a rapacious and sharply divided place.

King's great talent is to keep you reading. His books suck readers from their everyday lives and dangle them over the  dark, unexplored abysses of the mind while exploring strikingly contemporary -- and all too human -- themes.

We discovered King to be a man of tremendous warmth and humor. I spoke to him in front of a sold-out Portsmouth Music Hall for the Writers on a New England Stage series. First, he read from his then-new book, Under the Dome.

Then, we talked frankly about his own origins as a writer, and how he feels about the movies that have been made from his novels. 

 Producer's note: this program is in two parts.