Perry Jokes About N.H. Weather, Teases 2016 Run

Feb 11, 2015

Rick Perry at a Concord, NH event in November
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was talking about the weather when he told New Hampshire voters he's "just warming up," but he also says he's carefully preparing for a possible presidential campaign.

In Bedford on Wednesday, Perry joked about the 80-degree difference in temperature between New Hampshire and Texas this week. But his main message to business leaders was that the federal government has failed them by not providing predictability and stability in taxes and regulation.

Perry says such predictability is also lacking in everything from health care to foreign policy. On the same day President Barack Obama asked Congress to authorize military force against Islamic State fighters, Perry said U.S. troops are needed but said Obama's previous lack of involvement has emboldened the militant group.