Margin Call Capitalizes on Financial Crisis

Feb 21, 2012

This year’s list of Oscar nominees for best film is heavy on nostalgia The Artist, Hugo, Midnight in Paris. We go to the movies to escape talk of politics, foreclosures and the economy, after all. One exception is Margin Call, a smart, tightly-wound thriller nominated for best original screenplay. The film tracks the key players and catastrophic decisions made at a venerable investment firm over 36 crucial hours.

Margin Call closes in on the boardrooms and town cars where power grabs and willful contortions of the truth play out with spectacular consequences. The New Yorker’s David Denby named it “one of the strongest American films of the year and easily the best wall street movie ever made” J.C Chandor directed Margin Call – his first feature, and is nominated for an academy award for best original screenplay.

New York Times Review

Margin Call Trailer