Cilley's North Country Roots Not Enough

Sep 12, 2012

If Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley thought being a Berlin native would give her a crucial edge in the North Country she was wrong.

Cilley did win in Berlin but her 546 votes were only 56 percent of the total.

Down the road in neighboring Gorham she snared 55 percent of the votes.

But it was downhill from there despite spending five consecutive days touring the North Country from Littleton to Colebrook and Pittsburg and then over to Berlin and the communities along the Androscoggin River.

In Littleton she got only 35 percent of the vote.

In Colebrook she got 39 percent.

In Lancaster she got 39 percent.

In Errol she got 54 percent. Unfortunately that was only 19 votes.

The situation was similar in Bath. Getting 69 percent of the votes sounds pretty good but it only added 38 votes to her tally.

In all it simply wasn’t nearly enough to beat Maggie Hassan.

With 261 of the 301 precincts reporting by just after midnight Hassan had just over 40,000 votes compared to Cilley’s 28,000.

Early in the evening Cilley conceded.