Billionaire Tom Steyer Visits N.H., Calls for Impeachment and Youth Activism

Jul 12, 2018

Billionaire Democratic activist and campaign donor Tom Steyer spoke to a crowd of supporters in Bow Wednesday night about his campaign to impeach President Donald Trump.


Steyer calls it the "Need to Impeach" campaign and says he has more than five million signatures in support.


The former hedge fund manager has funneled some $40 million into the effort so far. Steyer pointed to what he calls Trump's obstruction of justice and business dealings with foreign governments as grounds for impeachment.



Tom Steyer speaks at a "Need to Impeach" town hall in Bow, N.H.
Credit Robert Garrova for NHPR

But last night's town hall-style event also strayed from questions about removing a president to who to elect next. Steyer didn't rule out a 2020 run but said he's focusing on this year's midterm elections.


"And I will sit there on Nov. 7th and try and figure out what is the most impactful, positive thing that I can do, that our organization can do and that we can do to get this country back on a path we can be proud of," Steyer said.


Steyer said he'd be counting on younger votes to turn around Democrats' fortunes, though last night's rally attracted mostly an older crowd.


“For all you Boomers -- just so you know -- you’re No. 2,” Steyer said jokingly. “The group under 35 is the largest age cohort in the United States, they are the most progressive age cohort in the United States, they are the most diverse age cohort in American history and they vote at half the rate of other Americans.”


Just a couple hours earlier at a bar in Concord, young organizers and supporters were in the majority.  

Through his advocacy group NextGen America, Steyer has spent $750,000 to organize young voters in New Hampshire.


Steyer told the group of NextGen fellows and supporters that the Democratic Party had hit a low and a lot needed to be done leading up to the midterm elections this fall.


Quincy Abramson is a 21-year-old UNH student from Concord. She said Steyer's message that the Democratic Party needed to re-invent itself resonated with her.


"Yes, it needs to become more progressive,” Abramson said. “I've been continually disappointed with the Democratic Party, as it has been very moderate."


Abramson said she'd be looking at candidates' stances on immigration and renewable energy when it comes time to vote this year.


Steyer and NextGen organizers will spend the day canvassing in Manchester on Thursday.