8.19.15: The Case Against C8 & The Power of Two

Aug 19, 2015

C8 - it’s a chemical you may or may not have heard of.  And yet…“99.7% of Americans have some amount in their blood. It’s a manmade chemical that didn’t exist a century ago.” Today, an investigative reporter dives into chemical giant DuPont’s role in a tobacco-industry scale cover-up of the dangers of C8.  And, the myth of the lone genius gets knocked down by an exploration of creative duos. We’ll find out why artistic and scientific breakthroughs often come from dynamic collaborations.

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The Case Against C8

C8, a chemical used in Teflon, is again the subject of a major class-action lawsuit. Sharon Lerner covers health and the environment and is author of a two-part investigative series for “The Intercept” in collaboration with the Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund on the case that’s going to trial in September. 

The Power of Two

In his book, Powers of Two, Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative PairsJoshua Wolf Shenk uses the stories of some very famous pairs to explore what he calls the electrified space of creative partnerships, and the essential ingredients in creative pairings that have produced the most imaginative, world-changing ideas and works.

Pitch: Somewhere In My Memory

Once stuck, it can seem nearly impossible to get a catchy song out of your head.  This next story is about a particularly inescapable earworm – and a trigger that most people hear every single day.  Alex Kapelman produces the podcast “Pitch” and brought us the story.

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