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Word of Mouth

In 30 Minutes, High School Students Came Up With Better Versions Of The N.H. State Flag

New Hampshire State Flag
Wikimedia Commons

In 2001, North American Vexillological Association conducted a survey of the 72 flags of the United States and Canada.

New Hampshire's state flag came in 63rd place .

Tom Mungovan teaches Graphic Design at the Concord Regional Technical Center at Concord High School.

I visited the school last week to see what his students thought of our state flag. 

The students had read Ted Kaye's pamphlet, Good Flag Bad Flag, which outlines the 5 rules of good flag design, and they noted that it broke every one of those five rules.

Listen to this story:

I asked these high school seniors if they'd be willing to try a redesign of our "Seal on Blue" flag, and they were more than happy to do so. Their flags were created in Adobe Illustrator in about thirty minutes. 

Their inspiration came from birches, mountains, lilacs,  the Abenaki, the Old Man in the Mountain, and even outer space. 


Special thanks to Mr. Mungovan, Alexandra, Alice, Andrew, Brandon, Brendan, Djana, Hailey, Jack, Juliet, Katherine, Kyra, Lucas, Alex, Sarah, Tyler, Will, and all three Zachs for sharing their designs. 

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