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Word of Mouth

Writers On A New England Stage: Grace Helbig

Sara Plourde

On today's show, it's Writers on a New England Stage with Grace Helbig, recorded live at the Music Hall in Portsmouth. Helbig is everything you’d expect in an internet superstar: funny, extremely photogenic, self-deprecating, and little known to people over 30. 

But that's changing fast. Her YouTube channel had 2.8 million subscribers at last count and she’s one of few YouTube stars to parlay that popularity into success on traditional media platforms. She landed a late night show on E! And her second book, Grace and Style: the Art of Pretending You Have It is now on the New York Timesbest-sellers list.

Her mostly female and mostly teens and twenty-somethings fans are drawn to her irreverent take on the unattainable standards upheld in beauty guides and fashion magazines. Grace & Style is cheeky, and encourages women to embrace their bodies and unique style.  

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Grace with Virginia Prescott, Logan Shannon, & Sara Plourde


Bonus: Lightning Round with Grace

 Virginia and Grace did a lightning round at the end of their interview that  we couldn't fit on the radio portion, but we didn't want you to miss out on the fun! 

Virginia Prescott & Grace Helbig do a lightning round.


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