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Word of Mouth

4.13.15: 3-D Printed Prosthetics For Kids & The Benefits Of Mindfulness


Prosthetic hands for kids are often too heavy and expensive for practical use. On today’s show we’ll hear about a company called e-NABLE that has formed a network of volunteers from across the world to create 3-d printed, low-cost prosthetics with a kid-friendly aesthetic.

Then, for centuries, meditation has been used to quiet the mind and focus attention. Now, modern technology reveals the medical benefits of mindfulness.

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3D Printed Prosthetics Made For Kids, By Volunteers

  • Jonathan Schull is Research Scientist in Magic at RIT and founder of e-NABLE, a global network of volunteers using 3-d printing to make prosthetic hands for children.
  • If you want to help provide funding to this volunteer network, you can visit the Enable Community Foundation page at the e-NABLE website.

3D Printed Prosthetics Made For Kids, By Volunteers

Population Estimates for Animals

  • NHPR’s environment reporter Sam Evans-Brown brings us a story on how you go about counting animals that don’t want to be counted.
  • Read more about this story here

The Medical Benefit of Mindfulness

The Medical Benefit of Mindfulness

The Man Who Created the Word Genocide

  • Edet Belzberg is an Academy Award-nominated documentary film director and producer. Her film Watchers of the Sky debuted at Sundance last year and is now available on demand. You can watch a trailer for the film, and find out more about Raphael Lemkin, and the four other remarkably courageous people profiled in the film at this link.

The Man Who Created the Word Genocide

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