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3.8.15: Vitamania, The Decision To Vaccinate, & A Profile Of An Ultramarathoner

Logan Shannon

The word vitamin has only been around for just over 100 years.  But today vitamins are a $36 billion dollar-a-year industry. 

On today’s show, the history and science behind the mostly unregulated vitamin market.

And, with new measles outbreaks discovered each week, parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids are in the cross hairs. We’ll talk to reporter who asks: are mothers to blame? And the story of an extreme athlete who balances work, family, and 400 miles of running and biking per week.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

The Multi-Billion Dollar, Largely Unregulated, Vitamin Market


The Multi-Billion Dollar, Largely Unregulated, Vitamin Market

Don't Blame Parents For Vaccine Resistance


Don't Blame Parents For Vaccine Resistance

Listerine's Origin Story


Listerine's Origin Story

Global Hygiene Habits


Global Hygiene Habits

An Endurance Athlete Goes the Distance

  • Endurance athletes are driven to go to lengths that normal athletes have no interest in. This next story is about a man who makes endurance his very lifestyle, and NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown brings us the story.
  • You can read more and see some photos from Sam at this link: Kale Poland: The Life of an Ultramarathoner


An Endurance Athlete Goes the Distance

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