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Word of Mouth

12.17.14: An Icky But Effective Way Of Treating Diseases, A Conversation About Santa, & Good Gig

Amy via flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes considering radical medical treatments require getting over the ick factor. On today’s show, how transplanting fecal matter from one person to another has saved lives, especially for those with antibiotic resistant digestive disorders, such as clostridium difficile, or C-Diff.

Then, Christmas is next week, a festival of lights, decorated trees, parties, and for some parents, the Santa conundrum…from to elf on a shelf to carrots for Rudolph, we’ll navigate the magical world of Santa.

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FMT: Fecal Microbiota Transplants

FMT: Fecal Microbiota Transplants

The Christmas La La Song

  • What happens when composing a really bad Christmas song lands the kind-hearted Sean Hurley on an inflammatory commercial radio show? One of our favorite stories from 2013.
  • You can read more at this link: The Story Behind the "Christmas La La Song"

The Christmas La La Song

Talking About Santa

  • K.J. Dell’Antonia, is editor and lead writer of the “Motherlode” blog for the New York Times. She joined us to talk about Santa and the Elf on the Shelf. And that's all we're going to say. If you're listening to this in the company of young children, you might want to use headphones.

Talking About Santa

  • We also talked to another individual about Santa who had a different perspective on the subject-ahem-but we've chosen to keep his identity a secret, even though he's not ashamed. Again, consider yourself forewarned, you might want to listen on your own without the little tykes.
Telling the truth about Santa

Good Gig: Professional Science Geek

  • Howard Eglowstein works for a company called "Science Buddies" which helps students and encourages girls to explore math and science through imaginative science fair projects and experiments.
  • You can listen to the segment, and find out more at this link.
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