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When I Walk: Talking with filmmaker Jason DaSilva

zeevveez via Flickr Creative Commons

On today’s show we talked to documentary filmmaker Jason DaSilva. In 2005 Jason was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was only twenty five years old, but had more films and praise under his belt than most twice his age. Two years later, when he was on a beach vacation with his family, his brother caught a moment on tape which changed the course of his life. He fell, and for the first time since his diagnosis, was unable to get up by himself. It was from this painful and significant moment that his most recent film, When I Walk, was born. 

When I Walk follows Jason through the progression of his illness and how he must come to terms with its influence on not only how he sees his own life, but also how he sees the world around him. He allows the audience access to his most intimate moments and leaves you feeling grateful to be along for his beautiful and difficult journey. Listen to Virginia’s conversation with Jason here and check out his website, which also features information on his accessibility map project, AXS Map.  When I Walk premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and will have its TV premier on Monday, June 23 on PBS stations. Below, watch the trailer and an entry from Jason's video journal where he and his brother discuss their trip to Paris.

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