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Word of Mouth

High Heels Are Sexy and Other "No Duh" Research

pixieclipx via Flickr Creative Commons

The high heel—ever the fashion accessory—has always attracted attention. Turns out (insert astonishment here) that they make the wearer more attractive and more feminine. 

In honor of this not quite surprising research, here are our top scientific no-brainers inspired by the Ig Nobel prizes for thoughtful, humorous and sometimes absurd research.

1. Walk slow with a not-so-full cup of coffee, and it won't spill as much.
Lesson here: get a bigger cup.

2. Having to pee decreases irresponsible money spending decisions.
Because maybe you have to go and that QVC cubic zirconia monstrosity can wait?

3. Soggy breakfast cereal loses shape when compressed in a tube.
And still too gross to eat.

4. The five second rule is a LIE!
Don't act surprised. Cat hair and dirt are not dietary supplements, even if they are stuck to your vitamin.

5. Toast almost always falls buttered side down.
So butter both sides, and it will land on its edge. (Don't forget the five second rule.)

6. Country music increases the rate of suicide among white listeners.
What does Chris Gaines have to say about this?

7. How NOT to waste money on studies by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
A study on how to study government studies.

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