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The History of Boredom May Interest You

aagius via Flickr Creative Commons

We spoke with Linda Rodriguez McRobbie about the history of boredom. Not surprisingly, scientists avoided studying the subject until the last century.  Studies suggest that boredom can lead to depression and other adverse health conditions, even death.  

To keep the doctors away, we've curated a motley assortment of "boring" film and television clips.

American Graffiti

The only way to fight boredom in this town is by drag racing.

Dazed and Confused

Apparently the only interesting things to do on the last day of school in 1976  were smashing mailboxes, smoking a lot of pot, and underage drinking.

The Young Ones, "Boring"

Flatmates Mike, Rick, Vyvyan, and Neil decide to play Monopoly to alleviate their boredom.

Kids in the Hall, "Flying Pig"

Thankful patrons bored waiting in line rejoice when they see their favorite distraction.

Kids in the Hall, "Bored Robbers"

A lackluster home invasion and a homeowner who couldn't care less.

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