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Word of Mouth 04.07.2012

(Photo by Chris in Plymouth via Flickr Creative Commons)

Part 1: The Weird World of Stock Photography

We’ve heard the story over and over again in these hyperconnected digital times…boy meets girl, they fall in love, become blissfully partnered until one day, girl finds boy’s photo on a dating web site

That’s just what happened to our next guest… but here’s the twist, Reyhan Harmanci’s boyfriend had no idea his photo was on display for a universe of single women, even though he had, in fact, given permission for it to be posted there…sort of.

Reyhan is culture editor and writer for The Bay Citizen, and we found her article, “I Found My Boyfriends Face on a Dating Website” on Slate.

Reyhan's friend's portfolio on the stock photo site Corbis.  

Part 2: 

Growing a Museum, Stalk by Stalk

New England based conceptual artist F. Marek Modzelewski is no stranger to going against the grain –his work explores exile, ritual, denied expectations and passions unrealized – mostly through installations using a limited pallet of materials, including animal hides, resins, and wheat. Now he’s raising funds on Kickstarter to build a contemporary museum of art in southeastern New Hampshire. And this museum will be made from bales of wheat.  

Higher Ed for Doodlers

The average college graduate today will walk away tens of thousands in debt, fewer job opportunities and lower relative wages than previous generations. While some students increase their post-college chances by majoring in trending fields like science and engineering – others follow less practical paths in the study of philosophy, religion…and cartooning. Yup, cartooning.  

Part 3: Here's What's Awesome!

Was 2012 the lamest year ever for April fools on the web?

This pretty lame and implausible prank indicates that maybe it was...

But I did like Google's prank of Street View kangaroos, and, of course, the totally awesome idea of putting Google maps on 8-bit NES cartridges.

Also, there's a sequel in the works to Kony 2012, but has it hit a snag?

And from activism on the web, to an explosion of data, as the National Archives have digitized census data from 1940.

But, is there a dark side to the cloud?

The good news is, the perennially awesome Star Wars fan-verse has been hard at work. Check out this video of Yoda edited to sound grammatically correct:

Speaking Correct Order of Words Yoda Is from MechaStewart on Vimeo.

And then there's this awesomely literary find...the first ever book trailer recorded by, who else, a tipsy Ernest Hemingway.

Wanna see a shotgun make a rainbow? Yes, you do.

Not your speed? Well, how about this...an awesome bunch of robots who've formed their own Beatles cover band:

Now THAT's pretty awesome. 

Part 4: Fenway, 100 Years In

Fenway Park, the beloved field that John Updike famously called “a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark.” Any Red Sox fan can recite the triumphs and sorrows that played out at Fenway like Greek tragedies. Some years stand out to the faithful: the cursed 1918…the ’75 World Series…’86…2004…we turn now to 1912, when Fenway Park opened its doors. Glenn Stout tells the story of the idiosyncratic park’s construction, christening and enduring charm in the new book, Fenway 1912: the Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway’s Remarkable First Year. He’s a prolific sport writer and an editor of the Best American Sports Writing, and has been enraptured with Fenway since he was a kid.


Review of Glenn's Book

Review # 2 

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