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In NHPR's series, The Show Goes On, we check in with different artists across the state to hear what inspiration they've found during the pandemic and how they're making it through.Have you been creating art during the pandemic? If you'd like to share your art or creative hobby with NHPR, send an email to, or tell us about your latest project by leaving a voicemail at 603-513-7790.

Making Art During The Pandemic - From New Hobbies To Finding Creativity In An Unusual Time

Sara Plourde for NHPR

As part of NHPR's week-long focus on artists, we talk with you about what creative projects you've undertaken this last year, and what making art has meant to you. We talk with art educators and creative people from around the state about how they incorporated art into their lives in 2020. 

Read on for art created by our listeners. 

Explore our series, "The Show Goes On: How New Hampshire Artists Emerge from the Pandemic."

Air date: Monday, April 26, 2021. 



  • Christine Hodsdon - Visual arts teacher at Cooperative Middle School in Stratham. She also teaches art to people of all ages at Art for Everyone, in Exeter. 
  • Erika Janik - Executive producer of NHPR's creative production unit, which makes the podcasts Outside/In and Civics 101. She is also an accomplished craftsperson, and her talents include sewing, weaving, and rug-making. 

This show was produced by Christina Phillips. 

Check out the creative projects listeners shared with us:

Watercolor painting of a cat with a line drawing below it showing the anatomical structures.
Credit Jessica Day
Massage therapist Jessica Day used her anatomy and physiology knowledge to create watercolors of cats in various poses.
Painting and line drawing of a cat grooming itself, including anatomy.
Credit Jessica Day
Massage therapist and yoga teacher Jessica Day used her anatomy and physiology knowledge to create watercolors of cats in various poses.
Photograph of artist with her diorama of handmaid ships and stuffed animals in front of pictures of Scottish castles.
Credit Elaine Isaak
After their trip to Scotland was canceled because of the pandemic, Elaine Isaak created a diorama for her friend, including images of the places they would have visited, and stuffed animals from her childhood.
Photo of a temperature blanket, where each row of color corresponds to a temperature range for each day of 2020.
Credit Elizabeth Collard
Elizabeth Collard created a temperature blanket out of crochet and cotton, by recording the high temperature of each day of 2020 in Nashua, and crocheting one row of the blanket in the coordinating color for that temperature range.

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