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The Top Five Exchange Shows Of 2018: Hear Them Again Starting December 26th


At the end of the year, the Exchange team likes to bring back the most popular, and beloved, shows of 2018. This year, we chose our top ten, based on our own favorites and listener engagement, and asked you to vote for the five you want to hear during the holiday week. Check out the shows you chose, and tune in starting December 26th to hear them all. 

Wednesday, December 26: The Pull of N.H.'s 4000-Footers


There are 48 New Hampshire peaks over 4000 feet, drawing hikers from all over.  The  official Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the less known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For most hikers, it's about the experience and the view, but for some, it's that and more: peak-bagging to complete "the List", or the much tougher "Grid".  We explain the terms and hear tales of those drawn to N.H.'s 48.


  • Jeb Bradley - N.H. Senate Majority Leader, from Wolfeboro, and an avid hiker working on his 2nd "Grid"
  •  Mike Dickerman -  a hiking enthusiast and one of the co-author's of the AMC guidebook "The 4000-footers of the White Mountains."
  • Cheryl Suchors - author of "48 Peaks" about hiking and healing, she undertook "The List" challenge as she was facing life challenges as she neared 50 years old.


Thursday, December 27: "Waking Up White:" New Hampshire Tackles Tough Conversations About Race


Author Debby Irving's memoir, "Waking Up White" serves as inspiration for New Hampshire's Oyster River community, as it reflects on tough questions about race and tolerance.  The discussions come after incidents revealing discrimination and racism, in an area where many believed they had the best intentions.  We examine how a state like New Hampshire, that is mostly white, fits into the national narrative of racial strife, now and in the past.



Friday, December 28: The Power and Potential of Fungi


We learn about the miracle of fungi, from mushrooms, to yeast, to mold on your shower curtain. Fungi are in a vast yet little-known kingdom of their own, closer to animals than plants, and one of the oldest and largest organisms on earth.  In addition to tasty mushrooms foraged in fall, we learn about the important role fungi plays in the ecosystem, their relationship to trees, and promising areas of research for the future. 



Monday, December 31: Preserving New Hampshire's Barns


Barns have an important historical significance in New Hampshire, and are a major part of our landscape. But as these barns age, how can we preserve and restore them for new uses today? 



Tuesday, January 1: Critical Hours: Search & Rescue in the White Mountains


With pleasant weather comes a busy hiking season in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A misread map, a sudden storm, a forgotten headlamp - and suddenly a hike could turn into a matter of survival. We look at a new book, "Critical Hours," that offers a history and a celebration of the search and rescue workers and volunteers who save lives in the White Mountains.  The growth of inexpensive but sophisticated navigation devices and mobile phones have become part of the experience for both hikers and rescuers. We examine the impact of ubiquitous technology and the future of search and rescue operations.


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