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In N.H., Home Builders Don't Need a License But Hairdressers Do. Is that a Problem?

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Flickr

In New Hampshire, hairdressers need a license but home builders don't. And some say that's a huge problem, allowing unqualified contractors to get away with shoddy work and consumer scams. But others warn that more regulation wouldn't help, and could raise home prices at a time when the state needs affordable housing.


  • James Boffetti - Senior Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau. 
  • Bob Clegg - Founder and partner in Legislative Solutions, a lobbying firm. He's also a partner in a business that buys and restores old homes. 
  • Paul Morin - Owner of Tarkka Homes in Hopkinton. He has built homes in southern N.H. for more than 30 years and is Chairman of the N.H. Home Builders Association Government Affairs Committee.  
  • Ed Philpot - Attorney from Laconia specializing in construction law. He worked as a mason before becoming a lawyer.


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