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Top N.H. Lawmakers Discuss State Budget Impasse

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Since Governor Hassan’s budget veto last week, lawmakers have called for compromise, though there’s been little action on that front. Meanwhile, as state government continues to operate under a temporary resolution, agencies are struggling with uncertainty. We sit down with leaders from both parties to discuss the way forward.


  • Andrew Hosmer – Senator and Democrat on the Finance Committee from Laconia
  • Shawn Jasper –House speaker and Republican from Hudson
  • Chuck Morse – Senate President and Republican from Salem
  • Mary Jane Wallner – Ranking House Democrat on the Finance Committee from Concord
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NHPR's Sara Plourde & Dan Barrick give us a breakdown of how the governor’s budget proposal compares with the Legislature’s on a few of the major policy and funding points.

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

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