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This Year's Allergy Season / N.H. Hospital Tax Ruled Unconstitutional


Predictions for a Rough Allergy Season Following a Cold Winter

Biologists say this year’s cold Winter and late Spring could mean a wallop of an allergy season, a so-called “pollen vortex” adding to a longer trend toward higher pollen counts, due to climate change.

  • Richard Primack - biologist at Boston University, with a focus on the effect of climate change on plants and animals,  and editor-in-chief of the academic journal "Biological Conservation"
  • Dr. Christine Yee – pediatric allergist and immunologist at Boston Children’s Hospital


N.H. Hospital Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

State leaders cast about for solutions, after a court decision on a hospital tax potentially blows a huge hole in the budget. 

  • Kevin Landrigan – longtime political reporter for the Telegraph of Nashua
  • Steve Norton – executive director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies

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