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What the Fiscal Cliff Could Mean for NH

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Now that the elections are over, It’s now the number one topic on Capitol Hill. If the parties can’t agree on debt reduction, we’ll see tax increases and spending cuts that many predict could slide us into recession. In New Hampshire, thousands of jobs are said to be on the line. We’ll talk about efforts to avoid this, why some say going over the cliff may not be as damaging as feared and what each scenario could mean for the Granite State.


  • Brian Gottlob - President of PolEcon Research, an agency with a focus on economic and public policy issues in New Hampshire.
  • Amy Schmidt - Associate Professor of Economics at St. Anselm College.

We'll also hear from:

Anne Stauffer, Project Director for the Pew Center on the States.

Matt Laslo, NHPR Correspondent in Washington D.C.