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Education Amendment Saga Nears Conclusion?


Since the Claremont decision of the mid 90s, New Hampshire has debated the locus of authority and responsibility in funding our K-12 public schools. Over 80 proposed amendments have seen their way to a vote in state legislative chambers over the past several years. Last year marked the first time any such amendment passed the house and the senate passed a version of its own. The two chambers failed to reconcile their differences, however, and the issue was tabled. Until now. The latest version proposed has the support of the majority of the house, the senate and the governor, and many say it has the likelihood of passing and finding its way to the ballot. We look at the latest iteration of the education funding amendment, its prospects for passing and the implications for the future of the New Hampshire public education system.


Gene Van Loan – Partner with Wadley, Star, and Peters and an expert in constitutional law. Gene has been a consultant to both Republican and Democratic parties on how best to draft constitutional amendments that would overturn all or part of Claremont.

Jim Allmendinger: Staff Attorney for the New Hampshire branch of the National Education Association.