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federal energy regulatory commission

Great River Hydro

A final plan is out to relicense three major hydropower dams on the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont – a big milestone in a years-long federal process.

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Federal regulators have declined to act on a challenge to a pro-solar energy law from a group with ties to conservative New Hampshire politics and Gov. Chris Sununu.

The New England Ratepayers Association’s petition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dealt with net metering, where customers can generate and sell their own, often renewable power back to the grid to save on their utility bills.

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New Hampshire's attorney general is joining the opposition to a federal challenge to net energy metering policy, ahead of the end of public input on the case Monday.

Dozens of other states, companies and groups and companies have already joined the case before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Many filed comments opposing the petition.

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New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation is opposing a federal petition that would erode states’ control of a major solar energy policy.


Energy can be tough to understand. When we flip a light switch, we know the lights should come on. But we might not know where that power came from – or why it costs what it costs.

In New England, much of those costs are controlled by a select group of stakeholders – called the New England Power Pool, or NEPOOL.

NEPOOL is now facing criticism for a lack of transparency, and for decisions that could be raising the already high cost of energy in the region.

State Impact

New Hampshire's U.S. senators have joined calls for one of the nation's top energy regulator to recuse himself from future decisions on coal and nuclear power.

The Senate voted along party lines in November to narrowly confirm Bernard McNamee as the latest member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC.

A lobbying group that has supported Gov. Chris Sununu’s energy policies wants federal regulators to invalidate a new state subsidy for the biomass industry.

The legislature passed the subsidy by one vote, over Sununu’s veto earlier this year.

It will require utilities to buy energy from biomass and trash-burning power plants at a discounted rate, passing the extra cost onto customers, for the next three years.