Eric Spofford

Sarah Gibson for NHPR


A planned visit from Vice President Mike Pence was abruptly canceled today. 

Pence had planned to visit the Granite Recovery Center in Salem to discuss the opioid crisis.

A spokesman for his office said a last-minute situation required the Vice President to remain in Washington. He said it was not an emergency.

According to a copy of his planned remarks, Vice President Pence intended to press the Trump administration’s case for combatting the opioid crisis by curbing illegal immigration.

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The 72-acre, sprawling campus of Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center - with about a dozen buildings overlooking lakes and mountains - has always been used as a place to treat people with brain injuries or developmental disabilities. But there has always been controversy too.


In 1992 the FBI raided the site when they suspected the original owners of fraud. And then last year, after the Disability Rights Center put out a scathing report on Lakeview’s practices, the state shut it down. The place was notorious for poor care. But Eric Spofford hopes to change all that.