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The Big Question

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Sara Plourde

As bills make their way through the State House this legislative session, politicians, parents and students are invested in what New Hampshire students should be learning in school.

One bill would require teaching about the concept of consent, and another that would mandate teaching about labor history. A 2021 law now prohibits public schools and institutions from teaching that any group is inherently racist, superior or inferior to another group, which has caused confusion among New Hampshire teachers about what subjects may be considered off-limits.

But what do you think should be taught in school?

Maybe you wish you’d learned more about personal finance in high school. Maybe you feel the American history you were taught came from a limited perspective. Maybe you feel like you missed out on other skills that would’ve been helpful for higher education or the workforce.

So, this month’s Big Question is: “What topics or skills do you wish you’d learned more about in school, and why?”

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