Voting Systems in Flux

May 16, 2018

Maine voters will be using "ranked-choice" voting to elect candidates in their June 12 primary - the first time this system has been used in a statewide election in this country. In November 2016, 52 percent of Maine voters approved a ballot initiative to implement ranked-choice voting, it has since faced legal challenges and a legislative move to suspend its use in the state. We also look to Connecticut, where the legislature there has just decided to join a national drive to elect the president by popular vote.


  • Erik Cleven -  Assistant Professor of Politics at Saint Anselm College.
  • Mark Pazniokas - reporter with The Connecticut Mirror.
  • Rep. Ellen Read - Democrat from Newmarket, she has proposed a legislative bill to bring Ranked-Choice Voting to N.H.
  • Colin Woodard - State & National Affairs Writer at the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram, also a Politico contributor.

Here's the informational video released by the Maine Secretary of State's office explaining Ranked-Choice Voting:

Civics 101 covered voting systems: click here to listen.

Read Colin Woodard's reporting about Maine's struggle with Ranked-Choice Voting in the Portland Press Herald and Politico.

Rep. Ellen Read proposed a legislative bill bringing Ranked-Choice Voting to N.H.

Mark Pazniokas reports in The Connecticut Mirror on the push there to join the national compact for a presidential popular vote.