Supreme Court Sets Oral Arguments For Northern Pass May 15

Mar 29, 2019

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has set oral arguments in the fight over the Northern Pass transmission line for this May.

Eversource is appealing regulators’ denial last year of the Northern Pass project -- a 200-mile power line that would bring Canadian hydropower through the White Mountains to New England.

The case goes before the state’s highest court on May 15.

Each side will get 50 minutes to present their arguments and answer justices’ questions. The court is considering whether the state Site Evaluation Committee erred in its handling of the Northern Pass case.

Only one attorney is slated to argue for the 200-mile transmission line proposal.

The opposing side, meanwhile, includes five lawyers total. One will be an assistant state attorney general, who's acted as the counsel for the public in the case. The other opposing attorneys represent municipalities and nonprofits

Eversource hopes the court will tell the committee to reconsider its denial. They still aim to build the power line, even after strong public opposition – and the loss of a power supply contract with Massachusetts.

That deal went to a similar project in Maine that is also still working through its state approvals process.