Supporters of Eddie Edwards Call Andy Sanborn Unelectable | New Hampshire Public Radio

Supporters of Eddie Edwards Call Andy Sanborn Unelectable

Sep 7, 2018

Former State Senator Bob Clegg at a press conference in Manchester organized by the Eddie Edwards campaign.

With just a few days left of primary campaigning, supporters of Republican congressional candidate Eddie Edwards continue to target Andy Sanborn’s character.

Today, two state senators - Regina Birdsell of Hampstead and Sharon Carson of Londonderry - endorsed Edwards. They praised Edwards for his conservatism, and warned that Andy Sanborn's alleged behavior toward staffers would haunt him in a general election.

Carson was one of 18 people interviewed during the Attorney General’s investigation into Sanborn this summer. She said then that Sanborn showed a pattern of inappropriate behavior while in office.

Today, she warned that if he gets the nomination in the 1st Congressional District, he’ll attract national scrutiny and the ire of liberals, making it harder for any New Hampshire Republican to get elected in November.

“I can’t imagine what’s going to happen with all the non-profits that are going to come in here," she said, "and pour millions of dollars [into Democratic campaigns] if Andy Sanborn wins the nomination. That's not just for Congress - that’s for everyone up and down the ticket, because we’re all going to get painted with the same brush."

Edwards accused Sanborn of showing "no remorse" for his behavior with female staffers during questions at recent debates.

Voters will decide on primary candidates on Tuesday, Sept. 11.