Special Program: Coronavirus Vaccines | New Hampshire Public Radio

Special Program: Coronavirus Vaccines

Jan 7, 2021

As case numbers of COVID-19 continue to rise in New Hampshire  and the nation, join NHPR for an in-depth look at the latest on coronavirus vaccines.

The Coronavirus Vaccines – What You Need to Know is a special program from Weekend All Things Considered. Hosted by Michel Martin, the hour-long special will explore pressing questions around the various vaccines now in play: how they work, how they are tested, and how they’ll be distributed. The program will also offer practical information about how to talk to people who aren’t sure they want to take a vaccine. Michel will be joined by NPR science reporters and epidemiologists, to shed light on the new vaccines and the difference they can make in fighting the global pandemic.

The special will air Saturday, January 9 at 10 p.m., in the slot usually reserved for the Best of Public Radio.