Science Fiction Flash Back

Dec 21, 2011

When this year’s golden globe nominations were announced, 3D, CGI, and IMAX were all bested by a silent, black and white film – The Artist, set in 1927 Hollywood, got more nods than any other nominee. 

Now, another silent film, this one a 1927 original, is set to screen at Red River Theatres in Concord on New Year’s Eve – Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.  Set in the not-too-distant future, it’s a miracle Metropolis hasn’t been remade - the dystopian science fiction classic comes complete with robots, a mad scientists, and class warfare.  What it doesn’t come with, is a set soundtrack.  Scores for silent films were created live – and the showing at Red River Theatre is no different.   Enter Jeff Rapsis when he isn’t working at The Hippo, he’s recreating orchestral scores for silent classics.  He’ll be providing the score for Metropolis as it rings in the New Year.


Red River Theatre

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